A quick shop in Myer and I could not take my eyes off the Aura bed set up.  The yellow instantly draws me in.  I am so glad I bought the green Aura cushion and throw  although I do love the yellow.



Fashion designer Leona Edmiston has released a linen range too.  Love the navy blues and whites together.



I love my kitchen when it is all clean and tidy.  This does not happen very often so it deserves a ‘snap’ taken.  Five minutes after this was taken, kids came home and it looked like a bomb had hit it.


At Archer’s Kinder they have a table that changes it’s theme each week.

This week Archer loved the fairy theme and was keen to show me.



This is my bedside vignette.  I love the Adore book and I love to sit down and read it whenever I get the chance.



On Friday a courier delivered these Chocolatier chocolates.  It was a lovely gift to say ‘thank you’ for doing a post on supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  You can read about it here.  I’ll know what I’ll be having with my coffee.


How’s your week been?