Leading up to Christmas it seem to get busier and busier.  I know everyone is doing the same, rushing here and there.  I managed to do a bit more Christmas shopping this week.

The lady at the florist told me that this week will be the last week of peonies.  If I want some next week they will be a special order and double the price, so I bought two bunches and they are blooming perfectly.


There are lots of Summer fruits available now.  We enjoy having them for after school snacks.


Olivia put up a Christmas tree in her bedroom.  I adore the pillow cases on her bed this week.  The pink velvet one is by Rachael Castle and the orange by Kip & Co.



Here’s a free printable that you’ll love.  We always seem to run out of birthday wrapping paper so I downloaded this one and thought it was to cool not to share.  You can download it from here.


How’s your week been?