It’s been busy around here with the kids, working, after school activities and there is always something on on the weekends.  The weather has been amazing so that has made it better.  How quick are the days flying past?  Just today I heard someone say ‘financial year’ and I thought wow, that is just around the corner.


We ventured into the city as my husband had to look at a few jobs that he had done.  We past this cute laneway and Archer was fascinated by the all the colour.


A pitstop at Doughtnut Time and we didn’t have to queue up.


They were quite possibly the most delicious, indulgent doughtnuts I have ever tried.


The rumour is true! I ate 2, yes 2 nutella ones and OMG, let me just tell you that there was more nutella than doughnut.  Yummy!!!


Did you catch my post on the making my bedroom snug, warm and cozy?  You can see what I bought here.


Monday came around so quickly.  Nobody cares, work harder as they say.


A little desk vignette for the week.

How’s your week going so far?