I get several emails a day with brands sharing their exciting new products. I only share what I love and think you’ll love too. So grab a cuppa and see what’s new.

ASKO’s black ovens are the perfect combination of state-of-the-art technology, functionality and aesthetic appeal. The range includes traditional, steam and microwave ovens, and is complemented by a warming drawer in the same finish. The products are available in two widths, with an option to suit every design brief.

Shop the range of black ovens by ASKO at e&s today.

The limited-edition collection, created by Studio Elwood Creative Director and fine artist, Tory Burke, showcases the abstract minimalist style and thoughtful design approach which she is renowned for.  

The Arch series was inspired by historical Roman architectural and ceremonial arches, seen in celebrations such as weddings to mark new beginnings. The Flow series was inspired by moving water, minerals and other natural elements required to nourish Australian flora and fauna.

The collection was launched at Melbourne’s Denfair 2019 Exhibition.

L&M Home’s new cushions blend traditional crafts with colours of the moment.
Folk-inspired pattern and embroidery come to life on this new range of cushions. Earthy tones of clay, ochre and coal nail an eclectic, warm and inviting vibe.
The Dharma and Bazaar Cushions feature geometric woollen embroidered patterns on durable cotton canvas for a tactile surface. The Dharma Cushion is finished with statement tassels and the Bazaar Cushion is available in three natural tones of Ochre, Clay and Coal.
Aztec -inspired printed designs and embroidery are combined on the Indus Cushion to create a stylish, global look. A subtler print is presented in three colourways of Ochre, Clay and Coal on the lumbar Shimla Cushion.

This new cushion range is ideal for styling together or mixing with L&M Home’s other collections. It certainly conjures a feeling of wanderlust along with grounding home comfort.

Guy and Jules Sebastian are a stylish power couple who need no introduction within the landscape of Australian music and entertainment, as well as philanthropy. They’ve been friends of Freedom Kitchens for several years, and through The Sebastian Foundation, we work together to renovate kitchens in local shelters and refuges, creating brighter spaces for people in times of need. 

Guy and Jules purchased the five-bedroom Maroubra home at auction five years ago, but later chose to demolish the original house so they could build their dream home from the ground up.  They enlisted Joe Snell architects to help them map out the blueprint and make the most of the generous 1341 sqm block which boasts ocean views, plus a pool and tennis court in the back yard.

With its lofty high ceilings, atrium lighting and urban industrial appeal, Guy and Jules Sebastian now have a stunning statement kitchen which makes the most of their architectural vision.  The scale, tones and textures used in their kitchen creates impact which could have been lost in this space if it wasn’t designed to have such presence. 

The end result is a standout kitchen fit not only for fabulous entertaining, but also for creating special memories, as the heart of the home for this beautiful family.