Everyone wants a good nights sleep right?  Surprisingly most of us don’t get a good nights sleep.  Even though we are so busy during the day, when it comes to putting our heads on the pillow, most of us suffer from sleep problems.  Whether it be restless nights, not sleeping through, tossing and turning or just not feeling like we got a good nights rest.  Here are some reasons that could factor into why you’re not getting a good nights sleep.

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Boo hoo to this one as I love a good coffee but apparently the stimulant found in coffee and even chocolate is what could be keeping us up at night.  Switch to herbal or green tea in the afternoon and save the coffee for the morning.  I have a green tea at night to help relax me ready for bed.



Too little and you won’t sleep very well, too much exercise and you won’t sleep very well.  I know this after a huge run (over 25km) that those nights are the worst for me.  Vigorous exercise at night can keep you awake too so it’s all about balance.  I find the morning the best time to get out and exercise and then by night time I am exhausted.


Eating Patterns

Although some of us may over indulge at dinner and this can make us sleepy this may not be the best thing to do.  Your body needs to then digest all the food and it can be uncomfortable lying down.  Going to bed hungry isn’t the answer either as your blood sugar levels can drop and cause a bad nights sleep.  Eat a moderate healthy dinner and eat a well balanced healthy diet all day for the best benefits.

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We all have bouts of stress in our lives, for most people it comes and goes but if it is taking over your thinking and you can’t relax, this could be a reason you are not getting a good nights sleep. Take some time out in the day to either meditate, be grateful, go for a walk, do some yoga which can all help minimise stress.  If your stress continues and you are not getting better go and speak to your doctor.



Have you checked your mattress?  This could be the reason you’re not getting a good nights sleep. If your mattress is showing signs of wear and tear or simply isn’t that comfortable to sleep on anymore it might be time to get a new one.  Getting help from a mattress expert like Sleepy’s could be the answer.  Choosing the right brand of mattress that is right for you can be tricky so using a mattress expert will help. A good comfortable mattress could be all you need to get the best nights sleep.

I hope these tips have been useful.

Sweet dreams everyone!