Winter has finally set upon us and it is officially freezing cold here in Melbourne.

With an exceptionally warmer Autumn, we can’t really complain.  It means lights on during the day and often it is getting dark at 4.30pm and the heaters on all day.

I love eating pears at this time of year as they are in season and at their best.  However no one in the family likes them when they are over ripe.  Hence the reason for my sudden urge to bake a pear tea cake.

I asked the question over on Instagram about how to keep a new rug clean.  I absolutely adore my new rug from Milk and Sugar but I am struggling with the idea of keeping it in this room.

Pets, kids and teens are not a good mix with this colour but I will see how I go.

Royal Doulton spoilt me with this new range, Coffee Studio.

I adore this colour palette, perfect for that wintery cup of tea.

Cute little milk and sugar set to accompany this tea cup and saucer, both by Royal Doulton.

Afternoon tea ready for the kids with they get home from school.  Term 2 was such a long term that those last couple of days everyone really seems to drag their feet.

What’s new where you are?