I bet you spend a lot of time doing chores and renovations to ensure that your home looks as amazing as it possibly can, but how much time do you spend on ensuring it smells just as good?

If you’re anything like the average person, you’ll keep your home clean and maybe spray an air freshener around once in awhile or light the occasional scented candle in conjunction with doing the necessary renovations. This is all well and good, but if you want your home to not just smell clean and fresh, but to smell absolutely amazing, you could do better…


Simmer Something

Nothing can fill up your home with amazing aromas that fill up the senses and last for ages like stove-top simmers. What exactly are they? Basically, they’re a pot on your stove that’s filled with water, herbs, spices and lemon slices. You can choose whichever combination pleases your nose, but You’ll find some excellent recipes at Babble.com/kitchen. Turn on the stove whenever you want to refresh the place, or you have guests, and your home will be heavenly.


Fire Up an Aromatherapy Diffuser

Aromatherapy diffusers are fantastic little inventions that allow you to use nothing more than the combination of water and your favourite essential oils to infuse the room with heady aromas that make you feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury. Again, you can experiment with the essential oils/combinations that work best for you, but you can’t go wrong with orange and cinnamon oils (heavy on the orange, light on the cinnamon) or just plain pink grapefruit.


Keep Your Drains and Garbage Disposal Clean

If you’ve noticed a lingering smell of the unpleasant kind in your home, check your sink. If the smell seems to be coming from there, then your drains/ garbage disposal could be clogged up due to a lack of diligent cleaning. You may be able to buy something off the shelf to help you unblock, but if the problem is really bad, you might need a specialised drain jetting service to unblock your drains. Try the former first, and if that doesn’t work, hire the professional. Then, schedule weekly drain/garbage disposal cleaning session (you basically pour cleaning fluid down there – it isn’t hard) and you should notice that your home automatically feels fresher regardless of what else you do.


Use Unlit Candles

We all know that lighting high-quality essential oil-based candles in the home is an excellent way to improve its aroma in an instant, but there is another way to use them – unlit. Place your favourite scented candles in closets, cupboards, linen drawers and anywhere else that you may want a fresh smell and leave them unlit. They will absorb many bad smells and replace them with their own pleasing aroma.

Play with Plants and Flowers

Play around with putting lots of plants and flowers into your home, and you will notice that, not only do they make the place look more pretty; more alive, but they will also purify the air and give off their own sweet aromas too, completely chemical free.

With these ideas, your home really will be your home, sweet smelling home.