Summer is really upon us in Melbourne.  We’ve had some scorchers over the Christmas holidays.  The only way to cool down is with a cold drink or treat.

Who doesn’t like a nice cold icy pole or ice-cream on those days?  Yeah me too but I hate to think of all that sugar we are consuming in the commercially bought ice-creams.  So I decided that I would make my own.  Half the sugar and I know that the kids and myself are eating a sweet that is half healthy and delicious.

So purchased the Donna Hay popsicle moulds and downloaded some recipes.

These delicious strawberry popsicles were a hit in my house.  I made these the night I got the moulds and the next day they were almost gone.

These chocolate dipped almond milk coffee popsicles are on my to do list.  How delicious do they look?

I made these super easy Pimms popsicles.

I tweaked it a little to get my own desired taste but they were fun to share at Christmas and New Years Eve.  Adults only for these ones.

My favourite popsicle is the Chocolate Dipped Banana popsicle.  We always have over ripened bananas by the end of the week in our house and these are a great way to use them up.  They taste divine and are kind of healthy too.

For more easy popsicle recipes, head over to the Donna Hay website.