Moving companies or removalists as they are called in Australia

Moving to a new house local or interstate is undoubted, a very huge task. Even with the help of a moving company, you can still feel the stress that comes with it as this task requires a lot of effort, patience, and hardwork. 

When you’re moving, you also have to be extremely organized to avoid losing some of your items during the process. If you want to remove some of the burden brought by this activity, you need to find a trustworthy moving company to make things smooth. If there’s one thing all movers would agree on, it is for the moving process to go off without a hitch. 

With the different types of services offered by removalists such as furniture moving or car moving interstate, it’s acceptable to be a little confused about what to get especially if you’re first time movers. But worry not because we rounded up some of the things that you remember. While you may mess up some things in the negotiation, ensure that you got these three things right to hire the best moving company for you. 

1. Make sure the moving company has insurance.

The ultimate goal — and probably the main reason why you hire a man with a van or a professional removalist — is because you want to be assured that your furniture and other belongings arrive safely and efficiently to the new house. 

Although we believe experience is the best teacher and the quality of work they do speaks so much about their reputation, it’s still necessary to do business with insured truck for hire and professional moving companies.

Yes, people may choose them because they offer a cheap quote for the move or they may just be excellent in their job but some unfortunate events may happen. These events include accidents and even the most expert in the field may encounter them. That is why you need to know if the company you hired has insurance — to get everything covered in case accidents happen.

A reliable truck for hire or moving company is prepared by getting insurance in case something happens while transporting the items to the new house. If you ask them about it and they confirm that they have, ask about the details and what are covered. This should also become a deciding factor for you if you want to book them or not. 

2. Do your research. Read reviews online and if possible, ask your friends who they can recommend for the job.

Your things hold both sentimental and monetary value for you. That is why it is crucial that you trust the company you’re hiring. And what better way to find a trustworthy service provider than to ask your friends and family if they know someone who can take the job. If they don’t, you might be able to persuade them to ask around and recommend professionals to work with.

You’d want to ensure that you’re doing business with a company that has a proven track record and has a previous history of doing quality work. So if you happen to see a company with a lot of happy customers in the past, that almost instantly means that they have a good work ethic.

It is integral to dig online if the company you’re eyeing to hire has no negative feedback in the removal business. This is one of the first steps before you shortlist them and call to set up a meeting. If you find some glowing testimonials from their previous clients, that may be a confirmation that you came across with a good company who will handle and transport your beloved items safely. 

Before we forget, if you need both packers and movers, make sure you read reviews separately for each service. It wouldn’t hurt to know if their employees are really well-trained despite the department where they belong. 

3. Get a final quote with the breakdown of all the charges before officially hiring them.

Doesn’t it give you peace of mind when you know where your money goes? This is also the case when hiring removalists. It is important to know how much they are costing you for the service and what other charges are present that make up the total amount. You wouldn’t want to get surprised by unexpected charges that are not supposed to be in the total quote. For example, we all know that a moving company charges for the transportation of your items from the old address to the new one. However, some companies automatically include packing and unpacking charges as part of the package. If you have already packed your items and are okay with unpacking them all by yourself, you can ask the point person to remove the payment for those services. 

Therefore, before you sign a contract and officially hire them, it can be helpful to ask for a quote that includes the breakdown of charges to see if there are extras that you don’t need. If you see a charge that you’re not sure what for, you can ask the point person to explain that in detail.

Girl is about to be exported abroad by a moving company


There are a lot of things for you to consider and a bunch of questions to ask to find the most suitable house moving service for you. And contrary to what most people believe, hiring cheap removalists isn’t as bad as they think. In fact, more expensive interstate moving companies (even local) cannot give you a guarantee that they are able to match your needs just because they charge higher. After all, your moving needs can be entirely different from their previous clients.

Remember, the first step to actually finding the best one is to do your research. A few searches like “moving companies near me ” or “man with a van near me” in your browser can yield thousands of results which you can then shortlist. After having a list, reach out to the companies and set up a meeting to discuss the service and costs. Just remember to ask about the three things mentioned above to make sure you’re doing a transaction with a legit moving company whether it’s a local or an international one like Wisemove.