“It’s all a bit much!”. This is a phrase we’ve all found ourselves saying more than once over the past few months. Let’s face it, all around the world we’re sharing a collective sense of exhaustion. Between the global pandemic and the widespread political unrest, we’re all starting to feel upset, angry, confused and above all fatigued. Although we may yearn for things to go “back to normal”, it begs the question- which parts of normality are actually worth returning to. 

While we can, ans should, strive to affect social change on a national and global level, we should also be thinking about how to affect change in our own lives and our own homes. Many of us have likely been deep spring cleaning our homes and perhaps carrying out some fast and affordable renovations under lockdown. But what this post proposes goes one step further. Here we’re going to look at embracing minimalism not only in your decor but in your lifestyle. 

Minimalist decor is calming and meditative

Minimalism doesn’t mean eliminating colour and texture from your life. It’s not even about getting rid of all your belongings, although you may find that storing them in a Store and More unit will allow you to rotate your possessions without your home ever feeling cluttered or cramped. 

Minimalist decor is about paring away unnecessary distractions and distilling your belongings to those that are the most meaningful to you. It’s about making your space calmer, more meditative and more joyful, free of the distracting and stress-inducing effects of clutter

A minimalist lifestyle will almost certainly save you money

Minimalism is the perfect antidote to our damaging 21st century habit of using shopping to fill the void in our lives. All too often, we spend our drizzly Saturdays packed into shopping malls searching for products we don’t need. A minimalist lifestyle encourages you to break this habit and prevent you from throwing money into the boredom shaped gap in your life.

Minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean living without material possessions. But the more possessions we have, the less joy we tend to derive from them. So you have fewer things in your home, but you get much more pleasure from the things you do have.  

Less stuff, more experiences

Minimalism isn’t just about bringing clean lines, natural materials and more space to your decor, it’s also about changing your priorities. So that you’re focused less on stuff and more on experiences. After all, it’s experiences that make up the memorable moments in your life. None of us will be on our death beds, reminiscing about all the great products we had. 

Greater focus on our contributions than our belongings

Finally, minimalism is the perfect lifestyle for our times, as it challenges us to focus less on accumulation and gathering and more on the contribution that we make to our families, our friends, our communities and the the wider world around us. And in these politically incensed times, that’s something we could all do with focusing on a little more.