A great mattress and pillow protector create a waterproof and dust-proof yet breathable shield for you to sleep on. This will inhibit bacteria and mould, and stop bugs living where they shouldn’t. Mattress and pillow protectors will ensure that your bed does what it is supposed to do: give you a comfortable, clean and restful sleep, all night and every night.

Are they really necessary? Well an unprotected mattress and pillow can be home to, bacteria, including E.Coli. There can be a build up of dead skin cells on unprotected beds and pillows. Bed bugs and dust mites can live in your pillow and on your mattress and really don’t want that. Don’t forget about silverfish and even fleas. Sweat and fluid buildup is something we really don’t want to be sleeping on. Protect your mattress and pillow from airborne pollutants, pet hair and even food crumbs. Are you convinced?

So a mattress and pillow protector can accomplish a lot things, but these four reasons will having you reaching for your wallet sooner than you think.

  1. They protect you from dust mites, pollutants, fleas, even old food crumbs. Dust mites can lead to allergies making you feel sick when you should be getting a good nights sleep.
  2. They will keep your mattress and pillow looking new and feeling fresh. Keep all the nasties out of your pillow and out of your mattress. You’ve made the investment in purchasing a new mattress so why not protect it.
  3. Improve your comfort and sleep quality. Knowing that the nasties are kept away from your pillow and mattress and that you sleeping on clean bed will ensure you get a good nights sleep.
  4. Keep your pillows and mattress clean. Stopping stains getting on your pillows and mattress is another good reason to purchase a mattress and pillow protectors. This may also protect your warranty. Protect your mattress and pillows from sweat stains, accidental spills and food and drink stains. 

All of this will contribute to a good nights sleep.

Mattress protectors come in many sizes from Standard right up to Super King. At Manchester Collection there are a range of protectors to suit your needs, from luxury, waterproof and microfibre.

Pillow protectors also come in a range of sizes. Standard, Queen, King and European. Manchester Collection have a great range to choose from.

So whether you just want to keep your bed and pillows looking and smelling clean and keep those nasties bed bugs out, investing in a mattress and pillow protectors for your bed will save you money and your health in the long run.