Sustainability is beautiful, it gives recognition that everyone needs to join together to save Mother Earth. In a perfect world, this is something that everybody would team up and work toward. Sadly, this isn’t exactly how it goes. While you can’t make others change their habits, you can change your habits and shape your household. What better way than to start right at home.

Being eco-friendly doesn’t need to cost much, it actually doesn’t need to cost anything at all. Sustainability is all about using what you already have or looking for the most eco-friendly ways to make smart choices and how they could impact the world. So here are some thoughtful and conscious-filled choices that can make a massive change to your home.

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Bring in natural lighting

Sunlight is free lighting and heating for your house, this can even be free power if you have Solar Panels installed in your home. Make sure you maximise as much light as you can into your home. This includes having the curtains completely open during the day and ensuring that nothing is blocking the windows either. Natural lighting is the best lighting for a home, it shows off all the highlights in your home plus sunlight has Vitamin D which is something everyone needs.

Invest in natural elements

This can include furniture that was built from natural elements. This can include rattan, jute, wicker, and bamboo. These are not only trendy but are perfect for reducing the use of plastic and other materials that are harmful to the environment. These can be a bit expensive, which is why you should always look into buying these second-hand.

Buy second hand

Whenever you’re wanting to add something to your home whether it be decorative or for functional purposes, check to see if it’s sold at your local thrift store first. Always do this. By doing this, you’re removing something that could end up being put into a landfill. Plus, this can be more sustainable because you’re not buying something online which then takes resources to get to your door. Try to buy second-hand, if you can’t find what you need, then you can justify buying it new.

Decorate with plants

If you’re looking for an affordable way to upscale your home, houseplants could be the thing for you. So, there’s a lot of debate about whether or not houseplants are sustainable. On the one hand, you’re allowing nature to thrive in your own home. They’re better accents for a home instead of your standard knick-knacks that end up in landfills. On the other hand, the houseplant industry has created a lot of waste.

 Consumers are buying plants that they have little to no experience in maintaining. This leads to more dead plants. Another reason is for the fact that poachers has become far more common which then affects the ecosystem. So how can this be sustainable? A recommended way is to get cutting from friends or loved ones, propagate them, and let them grow.

Use dry flowers

Dried flowers are super trendy and these are also super eco-conscious as well. You don’t need to buy these already dried, you can even do this yourself by growing the flowers and go from there.