When the summertime hits, you’re going to need to stay cool. There’s nothing worse than going months on end just feeling sticky, hot, sweaty, and gross. The heat just drains a person and it makes you want to just completely skip out on doing anything. A quick fix is going to be AC of course, but then other concerns come in such as the power bill or whether or not using AC is even remotely eco-friendly. 

While comfort and security are absolutely important, it’s also majorly important to stay eco-conscious as well. So how can you balance out staying comfortable over the summer while managing sustainability at the same time? Keep reading on to find out how!

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Hang blackout curtains

Most other times of the year, it’s crucial to welcome in sunlight. It’s free light, and it’s perfect for getting Solar Power to fuel your home. It’s basically just free power and lighting. While this is all perfect, there’s an additional issue, the sun is going to make your home super-hot. In the colder months this is welcomed, but not particularly in the warmer months. 

One great solution to this is to invest in some good blackout curtains. Leaving your curtains closed throughout the hot days, with blackout curtains, is going to make your home feel significantly cooler.

Try to cook outside

If you have an outdoor living space, why not add a little kitchen area? This could be a BBQ section, a fire pit, or even one of those classic pizza ovens. Running the oven or the stove is going to lead to a hot kitchen, which then leads to a hot house. If you live in a small space, this is going to add up quickly. But cooking outside, particularly just using wood can be a great way to cook without power and it’s great for keeping your home cool as well.

Invest in a ceiling fan

While ceiling fans may be old fashion, these are completely timeless. They tend to not produce too much electricity in order for it to work. Since heat rises, the ceiling fan pushes it back down leading to a nice cool breeze lingering in the home. However, using it too much can make the motor too hot, which also adds heat.

Get an awning

What better way to get your home summer-ready than to get an awning, right? Awnings are perfect for sitting underneath, lounging, and sipping away at a cold beverage while enjoying the summer breeze. But awnings can make a great impact on your home as well. If you have windows that receive full sun most days, then an awning could be your friend. These work as protective coatings that soak in the sunrays. Combining this with blackout curtains can make a pretty big difference.

Create shade

This may not work depending on the structure of your home, and whether or not you have the patience but planting items to create shade could be the perfect way to block out the sun from hitting your windows. This spruces up the garden while keeping the inside of your home feeling more tolerable.