Many people dream of making a creative business their full-time job, but it is a huge challenge to get to the point where you can earn more than a side income from it. It is entirely possible to earn a comfortable living as a stylist, social media influencer, blogger, interior designer or other creative entrepreneur. However, it isn’t easy to get established; it takes time to build an audience and even more time to earn their trust. 

There isn’t a “magic bullet” that can effortlessly build your following for you – but knowing how and where to promote your business can at least give you a good short cut. Let’s talk about 5 effective ways to promote your creative business:

1. Post Regularly on Instagram

Social media is a reliable way to promote a creative business. For creative entrepreneurs, Instagram is a particularly useful platform because it allows you to share visual imagery that showcases your unique style.

If you aren’t already posting content regularly to Instagram, you’ll want to consider starting. If you are already doing that, but you haven’t had much success with it yet, I invite you to check out my top 5 marketing tips for Instagram. This article will give you more info on the best ways to reach your target audience organically on Instagram and keep people interested in your work.

 Beyond just posting your content to Instagram, you might also want to consider investing in Instagram ads.

2. Work With an Established Influencer in Your Niche

No matter what your niche of interest is, there are probably bunches of influencers who have already built a following in that niche. Some of them are open to collaborating with others. It can be well worth your time to look for these people and reach out to them.

There’s an entire new branch of digital marketing that has arisen around this concept; it’s known as “influencer marketing” – and it’s more significant than you might think. According to Forbes, experts are predicting that brands will spend a whopping $15 billion US on influencer marketing in 2022. Those sums of money are pouring into influencer marketing because it’s extremely effective for the brands who do it. If you’re offering a truly creative and innovative product, it’s likely to work for your business, too. 

3. Film Creative, Attention-Grabbing Youtube Ads

Nowadays, many people say that Youtube has replaced their television set. This platform offers many appealing advantages; unlike the traditional television, people can easily watch Youtube videos on their phones while they’re waiting in line, taking a bus or train ride or on the go wherever they need to be.

For creative entrepreneurs, Youtube is a viable place to reach your target audience. Not only is it more accessible for users, it’s also more affordable for advertisers. Not everyone is cut out for actually becoming a Youtube content creator; however, anyone who has the budget to create a video ad could potentially grow their audience using this platform. See for YouTube ads

4. Try Pay-Per-Click Ads in Search Engines

If your target audience might use search engines to search for things like the ones your business offers, pay-per-click advertising is an ideal way to reach them. This method allows you to buy your way to the top of your choice of search engines.

If you haven’t tried this method yet, it’s worth setting up a small test campaign and trying it out to see how it works for you. You can set whatever budget you think is reasonable; this method of promotion tends to be quite flexible.

5. Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation has its advantages and disadvantages. The best advantage is that it works; the biggest disadvantage is that it can take a long time to make any actual progress with this method. If you decide to use this promotion method, definitely don’t make it the only thing you rely on to promote your business; the search engines are notorious for making algorithm changes that can dramatically affect a business’s traffic and revenue. Of course, these aren’t the only viable ways to grow your audience and promote your creative business – but in my experience, these 5 methods offer you some of the best opportunities that are currently available for finding new customers. I hope this information is helpful to you. If you’ve tried any of these methods, you’re invited to post a comment and share your successes and learning experiences.