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Doing renovations in winter can be difficult, mainly because of dropping temperatures. However, renovating before winter helps you prepare for the cold season and ensures affordable rates, since there’s not a high demand for contractors. Most homeowners do their renovations in spring and summer, leading to hiked contractor prices. Considering that many home renovations need the local government’s approval, this is the time you get fast approvals. Here are home renovations you should do before winter comes.

1.   Upgrade your HVAC system

Since winter is usually freezing, your home will require more heat from your HVAC unit. If your heating system has been in use for a while, your furnaces and heating pumps may not be as efficient, as they consume a lot of electricity, gas, or oil, increasing utility bills. A new HVAC system will require a substantial financial investment that significantly cuts down your utility bills. You can fund renovations with a construction loan to ease your financial burden while ensuring an efficient heating system.

2.   Weather-stripe your doors and windows

If there are spaces around your doors and windows, cold air can find its way into your home, leading to increased utility bills from needing to heat your home. Weather-stripping ensures that your doors and windows are properly sealed so that air doesn’t come in or leave your home, keeping your home warm while reducing utility bills. When selecting a weather-stripping material, go for those that can withstand weather changes, friction, and wear and tear.

3.   Consider home insulation

Since heat naturally flows from warmer to cooler areas, home insulation ensures air doesn’t flow through roofs, ceilings, walls, and other surfaces. This means that heat doesn’t leave your home in winter, protecting you and your loved ones from the cold. 

Consider choosing airtight, energy-efficient blown-in insulation, as it’s smaller and more flexible to ensure it fits into smaller spaces, cracks, and other spaces more effectively. When you heat your home, hot air rises and escapes through the roof via the attic. Ensure high-quality insulation in the attic to prevent moisture penetration. This keeps your home warm and deters mold and rot, which can damage your home and negatively affect your health.

4.   Clean and repair your chimneys

Soot and creosote build-up not only reduces the chimney’s efficiency but also increases the chances of a chimney fire. Regular chimney inspections and cleaning ensure efficient heating and also prevent smoke issues. Don’t forget to check your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors to ensure their functionality so they can alert you if a problem occurs.

5.   Consider roof repairs

Your house roof protects you and your loved ones from elements. Consider regular roof inspections so you can identify damaged, loose, or missing shingles to ensure moisture doesn’t enter your home. Repair your roof before winter comes and replace your shingles if they’re beyond repair. This will help keep you safe from the winter cold.


Home renovation projects, especially before winter, are essential to keep your home safe from damage and cold. Consider the above tips for your next renovation.