Ok we’ve all been told before that if you want to change your life you need to form some positive habits.  Sometimes it’s easy to just say that it’s all too hard. Your morning can be that make or break time that sets you up for a good day or a bad day.  Once you form a habit it becomes part of your routine.  Give them a try, they aren’t too hard and I am sure you will feel better for it.


1.Wake Up Earlier

This is priority number one as in order to fit in a fantastic morning you have to get up early so you have some extra time.   Peace and quiet in the morning is as equally satisfying in the morning as it is at night.  If you find that you have turned into a night owl, it’s time to turn your personal time around to the morning rather than the night.  The difference you will notice in the way your body feels will be so noticeable.


2.Drink A Glass of Water/Warm Lemon Water

Drinking a lemony water first thing in the morning is a great way to get the body going.  It rehydrates you after your sleep and being warm water it is easily digestible for your body first thing in the morning.  Can’t stomach the lemon then just go for plain warm water.  Your body has just been without hydration for about 8 hours so it’s important to start up the body with a glass of water.


3.Do A Stretching Routine

I swear by this.  I stretch every morning for about 10 minutes.  My body can get fairly stiff after lying still for 8 hours.  Before I go for a run I stretch and concentrate on hip and heel exercises.  Stretching wakens your muscles getting your ready for the day ahead.  Stretching will also prevent injury.  Just a few minutes a day and you will develop a habit.


4.Meditate For A Few Minutes

If you get a chance before all the rush and chaos start, take a few minutes to yourself to just gather your thoughts.  Whether you do this in the shower, on a run or walk, just listen to silence focus on positive thoughts and being mindful.  This will put you in great stead for the day.


5. Write Out Your Top 3 For The Day

As we are all so busy with life whether you are working, getting the kids off to school, kinder a top 3 can be a great way to get things done.  Things you really want to do or get done should be on your top 3 for the day.  Establish a habit of getting these points done each day.  A sense of achievement can be felt and you won’t feel like you’ve wasted the day away.


What habits do you do?  Are any of these part of your daily routine?