I have many friends who have built their own homes and there are so many renovation/building shows on T.V at the moment.  They make it look a bit easy don’t they? Well I know for a fact it isn’t and the importance of getting a good team behind you.  You might think using an architect is to expensive but here are 5 reasons you should use an architect and once you’ve read it you’ll probably change your mind.



1.Guidance Through Planning and Red Tape

When it comes to building it is regulated by laws.  There are many stages in getting your plan up and running from the planning permit through to the building permit.  There are building codes and standards to adhere too and this can be overwhelming for an owner builder.  Architects have the experience and knowledge to navigate this path and keep the project on track.

2.Design Skills

Becoming an architect takes 7 years; with a minimum of 2-3 years working practice experience, mentored by more senior architects. Therefore a fully qualified architect would have nearly a decade of design experience to provide solutions to your brief .  Using an architect can guarantee you get high quality design to make a substantial improvement in your everyday life. Why wouldn’t you want the best in your new home.  An architect will consider your needs, wants and aesthetic taste.



3.Value for Money

Building is expensive and it requires time an skill to get it right.  Clients pay for is the architect’s time to think, design and draw their project. Architects are with the project for its entirety and the greater the time, thinking, designing and drawing, the better the result.

Wolf Architects is more than just an international architectural practice. They are a perfect example of what represents excellence and their reputation permeates through everything they do from the quality of our drawings through to the finished built product.

4. Getting The Most Out Of Your Project

The design process is critical in getting the most out of your project.  Architects have the experience to work through this process with their clients and to push the boundaries of client expectations. Often in a first meeting, a client will have a fixed idea of what they want in their project.  An architect can often extend the clients expectations and come up with ideas they may not have thought of.



5. Project Management of Coordination

An architect does not work alone.  From the initial permit stage to the planning and design stage right through to the building stage it takes a team of professionals to get the build down. An architect will have the experience in working with lots of different consultants. An Architect would provide a smooth working relationship amongst the team and would coordinate and manage the rest of the project team on your behalf to ensure the project comes in on budget and on time.  Now I think that is pretty important.  After all you want to be in your home sooner rather than later.



Lastly if you are building, enjoy the process.  You will learn so much and who knows you may love it enough to do it all again.

All images from Wolf Architects.