How’s everyone going with the school holidays, feeling worn out?  I seem to have something on most days for the kids and now I’m back at work juggling life and kids so I do tend to feel tired by the end of the day.  I know most of you can relate.  That’s why getting a good nights sleep is so important.


Adopting good habits to getting a good nights sleep will have you feeling refreshed and able to tackle whatever the day throws at you.

Start with these simple sleep tips and see if they make a difference for you.


1.Create A Bedtime Ritual

Creating a bedtime ritual and sticking to it will teach your body it’s time to relax and unwind.  I like to have a green tea and read before I go to bed.  Switch off from your electronics and social media too.  Keep the lights dimmed and try to get to bed at the same time each night.




2. Pay Attention To What You Eat And Drink

Limit your caffeine and alcohol before bedtime as these could be keeping you awake.  Don’t go to bed starving hungry or feeling stuffed either as these may interfere with your sleeping habits.   Also limit sugary drinks and foods just before bedtime as these will most definitely keep you awake.




3. Manage Stress

Try to limit the stress in your life as more than likely this is keeping you from getting a good nights sleep.  When we are stressed we often think about what ever is stressing us when we are about to get to sleep.  Try  to manage your stress by writing it down, talking to a friend or meditation.




4. Get Comfortable

Your bedroom should be a place of relaxation. Making sure the bedroom isn’t to hot or cold is important.  Equally as important is the pillow and mattress you sleep on.  Getting the right mattress that is right for you will contribute to a better nights sleep.  Sleepy’s Express have you covered, they understand life is busy so you can conveniently shop stress free online.   Their mattresses are inexpensive and are all designed to give you maximum comfort, no matter your preferences, and are packed with some of SleepMaker’s best features.  That way your guaranteed a good nights sleep.




5. Include Physical Activity into Your Daily Routine

I can certainly say that by including physical activity into your day will most definitely give you a good nights sleep.  On the days I run and go to the gym I am exhausted by the time bedtime comes around.  Timing is important.  Don’t exercise to close to bedtime, or you might be too energized to fall asleep. I love to exercise earlier in the day.

I hope these tips will help you get a better nights sleep.  After all, no one wants to live with a cranky pants do they?