Yay, Spring has sprung and because I live in Melbourne this is kind of exciting because it means we may actually see the sun.  In fact as I right this post the sun is out and it’s actually 27C (yippee!!!!).  It’s a time to spring open the doors, air the house out, bring out some of your Summer clothing and enjoy the garden as the flowers start to bloom.


So it got me thinking!  As we have more of a spring in our step ( so to speak ) as we head towards warmer weather and longer days, here are 5 things you should do this Spring to make you feel even happier.  Well I can’t guarantee the happiness but they make me feel good anyway.

1.Make a smoothie.  Take advantage of the new season fruit and vegetables and start blending.  A perfect way to get bikini ready for Summer.


Here’s my Green Smoothie recipe.

600ml coconut water

1 pear

1/2 avocado

15 mint leaves

1/3 lebanese cucumber

50g spinach leaves

2 tsp raw honey

5 ice cubes.

Blend and enjoy.

2. Go for walks and enjoy what your neighbourhood has to offer.


I walk the dog on the weekend and come back with all sorts of goodies like these camellias and fresh lemons.  The man down the street was kind enough to say to me to grab as many as I like.

3. Buy yourself some fresh flowers if there are none to forage.


I love buying fresh flowers and nothings beats that fresh smell of Spring flowers in your home.

4. Spring clean.  I know everyone hates that word, well I know I do anyway but Spring is a time to really give everything a good clean and aerate the house.


Open up the doors and window and let the fresh air spring clean your house.

5. Enjoy the weekends more as the weather gets better.


Visit markets, go the park, bike ride, have a picnic and my favorite of all have a BBQ.

What things to do you now Spring has arrived?