Having a presentable garden, knowing various plant names, and owning lots of gardening tools are some of the major signs that you could be an excellent gardener. Gardeners are unique people and have various characteristics. Also, being a gardener goes beyond planting some seeds and calling it a day.

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But, even if you don’t exhibit the following signs, you should try gardening as it has many health benefits, both mental and physical. Gardening can also be intimidating since it involves an active quest, and some choices must be made, which can affect the little piece of land you have.

The following are some indicators that you might be an excellent gardener:

You love flowers and plants

Almost all gardeners love learning more about various plants and flower species. This means you can identify multiple species and figure out the plants and flowers that are more suitable for a specific type of environment. Besides, you know how to take care of different species of plants like the lilly pilly. If this applies to you, you will probably make a good gardener.

Expectations and curiosity

Great gardeners plant things and anticipate a good result, even though they don’t know what it will be. They sometimes get something totally different from what they expected. So, suppose you are a person who finds yourself fascinated by some of the obstacles,

and looking at nature closely triggers your curiosity. In that case, this might be a clear indicator of a pro gardener.

You might also find yourself researching, observing, experimenting, and learning. Besides, the expectations of a gardener usually seem to provoke hope too.

You are very generous

No one knows the impact of nature on gardeners; perhaps it encourages gardeners to be generous. Just think of that person who lives near the vegetable garden and grows a large yield of zucchini.

One of the most incredible things among gardeners is the age-old tradition of passing along plants. They share beloved or even spirited plants with their friends and neighbours. In simple words, gardens are made up of much generosity. The recreating strength of plants makes gardeners more generous by giving away excess harvests.

If you find yourself giving away some of your stuff to friends, family, or neighbours, you should try gardening. You will gain a greater appreciation by giving away excess harvests for the sake of elevating others and enjoying their gratitude smile.

You like being outdoors

Gardeners love being outside; they find solace and serenity in nature. So, if you find yourself going outdoors frequently, where the fresh air calms you downs and the mere sight of flowers, trees and plants nurtures your spirit, you are likely an excellent gardener at heart; you just haven’t realised it yet.

You are consistent and persistent

Having a garden full of plants and flowers calls for extra care; unfortunately, growing a garden is not as easy as it might sound. You cannot just put it down and reclaim it after some months and expect it to continue from where you left off. As a good gardener, you need to develop a habit of going to your garden frequently.

Additionally, establishing a habit of going to the garden regularly can be challenging for some people, especially when they are growing their flowers, plants, or even trees in a community garden. So, in case you feel like you cannot make it, consider giving yourself a break.

Also, regularly being in your own backyard garden means you will have to give more care to the plants. Being consistent and persistent offers you the chance to identify potential problems and observe some minor or even significant changes in your garden.

You are creative

It takes a lot of creativity to design a garden. So, if you love using shapes and colours to express yourself in other aspects of your life, like fashion and interior, then you might just be able to bring that spirit over to your garden. You can use your creativity to use flowers that suit your palate and form designs of shrubs, plants, or flowers to improve the beauty of your garden.

You have a passion for particular plant stories

Do you find yourself learning more about the origins of various plants, flowers, or shrubs? If yes, this could be another significant indicator that you might be a good gardener. Plant stories are primarily written when the plant was discovered, and it can be exhilarating for you to see the plant or even flower you have been obsessed with in real-time.


No one was born a gardener; however, many people are born in a tradition of gardening. Also, gardening goes beyond landscaping your garden. Instead, it takes a lot of passion, persistence, consistency, and patience for plants and flowers to be a good gardener.