Have you ever considered just how quick and easy it is to transform your outdoor area with fresh, new fencing? I’m blown away by the stunning DIY wall and fencing kits by ModularWalls


Stylish, modern, affordable – and can be finished in just a couple of days.

SlimWall with Expressed Joint

Transforming your backyard is easier than you think. In fact, it really is possible to give your backyard a complete facelift with a single DIY project…


ModularWalls’ DIY fences are super easy to install and, with just a few steps, you can have it completed in a single weekend.


In fact, 90% of the job is finished once the posts are in; then, it’s just a matter of finishing them however you like!


The 4 Steps

  • First of all, you need to dig your post holes; make sure they’re 1/3 deep of the overall wall’s height.
  • Concrete the posts in, ensuring the posts are set before the next step.
  • Slide in the wall panels and capping.
  • Finish as desired. The walls can be painted, texture rendered, tiled or cladded!

You can find out more information on each step of their simple DIY installation on the ModularWalls website, here.


Now that you know just how easy this DIY project is, here’s a bit of inspiration for you, if you’re thinking about transforming your home!

EstateWall with retaining


SlimWall with stone cladded feature wall

Transforming your backyard in one weekend really is possible. Environmentally friendly, Australian made and half the price of a brick wall, it’s worth checking out ModularWalls for your next DIY project.

ModularWalls offer front walls, retaining walls, pool walls and boundary fences. On top of privacy and security for your family, they reduce noise (for your peace and quiet) and offer a premium, modern look to add a splash of style to your backyard.

After you’ve installed the fence, tackle those weeds, add some fresh mulch and sit back and enjoy your new backyard!

This post was brought to you by ModularWalls.