Everything changes when you decide to have a family. In a matter of months, you can go from a freewheeling lifestyle, one in which you do whatever takes you fancy, to one in which you have to think about the little person that’s about to enter your life and change your world forever. While there’ll be much to think about, none will be quite as big as ensuring that you have a home that’s ready to house all the loving memories you’re going to create, a space where your child – or children – can grow and play with comfort. Below, we take a look at ten ways you can ensure you find the perfect family home, at the first time of asking.

Dream Big

You’re about to embark on an awesome adventure, why not dream big? When you first get to finding a place where you’re going to raise your children, there’s nothing wrong with creating a long list of your wants. This may not come to pass, but creating a first home should be fun – so why not get a little playful, and imagine the best possible scenario? We’re thinking dreaming of that home out somewhere beautiful, with a yard big enough for the whole family to enjoy for years to come.


And Then Get Realistic

Alas, not every dream can come true. After you’ve established the best case scenario, it’s time to compare that list with what’s realistic and achievable. You’re going to have a fair few constraints on the place you can be, the first and foremost being what is available and what you can afford. You may be hoping for a particular area, and you’ll only be able to buy if someone in that area is willing to sell. In any case, the blend of idealism and realism will point you in the right direction, providing a starting point for your search.


Establishing Your Budget

Of all the steps you’ll take, none are quite as important as establishing your budget. You’ll need to have a thorough understanding of how much house you’re able to afford, but then there are more considerations, such as how much taxes will be, how much it costs to run the home, and so on. Because raising a child is expensive, it’ll be best if you’re conservative with your numbers. It’s much better to buy a house you can easily afford, rather than pushing it to the outer limit and be forever constrained by your mortgage payments.


Think Practical

Where you decide to live is about much more than just the home. As such, you’ll want to consider about the practical side of life, too. For example, how close is it to your place of work? You might find your dream home, but if it requires an hour’s commute to and from work, then is it worth it? In all likelihood, it won’t be. You’ve got a young family, and will be eager to spend as much time with them as you can – and you won’t be able to do that if you’re stuck in bumper to bumper traffic every evening.

Ten Years Down the Line

No-one buys a home just for a year or two. If you’re planning to raise your family there, then you probably won’t be moving for at least a decade! As such, don’t just think about where you’re going to be in life one year from now – think about your long-term plans. For example, are you going to have more children? And if so, how many? A three bedroom house may not be suitable if you’re going to be in charge of a much larger clan within a few years.


Family-Centric Neighbourhoods

If you’ve got a young family, then you don’t want to be living in an area that’s popular with students. You want to be in an environment that’s conducive to family living, such as neighbourhoods that have plenty of green space, and which are nearby to child care businesses, schools, and shops. This doesn’t automatically mean having to live far away from the city, however. Orchard homes, for instance, offer all of those things yet are within easy reach of downtown Brisbane. As well as providing your children with the things they need to thrive and grow, you’ll also find it more enjoyable if your neighbours are fellow parents.


Viewing Homes

You’re not going to move into the first home that you go to view. Typically, buyers view somewhere in the region of fifteen homes before they consider making an offer. As such, you’ll want to stay patient, and ensure that you’re not panic buying; it’s much better to delay your move slightly in order to find the place that’s right for you. What’s a matter of months when you’re going to be living in the home for years to come?

Ready to Compromise

We mentioned in the title that you’re searching for the perfect property, but such a thing doesn’t really exist. “Perfect” is a state of mind! When it comes to finding your home, make sure you’re open to making compromises where necessary. You’re not going to be able to find a house that has everything. The key point is focusing on the property attributes that are going to make it enjoyable for your family to be in.

Timing Right

There’s an art to buying a house at the right time. When you have a family, it’s even more important! If you have a little one on the way, then you might find it too difficult to juggle the upcoming birth and finding a place to live. You can’t delay the birth, but you can delay the move until things are a bit more settled.


Be Bold

Finally, remember that when you find a place, go get it! Very little is achieved by delaying an action. If you feel confident that you’ve identified the place to raise your family, be bold and get the ball rolling – it’ll be the best way to avoid disappointment.