The space you live in should be all about your personality, your favourite colours and your wants and needs. It should be a home. It should make you feel safe and welcome, and it should make you feel like you can walk in and sink into the couch with ease. You need to feel at ease when you’re in your own home, and to do that, you need to add your personality throughout. 

Making your house homely doesn’t happen overnight nor does it happen on its own. You have to make the changes that include small batch ceramics and artwork to add life and colour to your space. Everything you add to your house is going to give it the personality it needs, and it’ll turn it into a true home when you do. With this in mind, here are some of the small changes that you need to make to add the personality that makes your home stand out. 

Image source: Pexels

  1. Start with your windows. The windows of the house you live in are the eyes to the rooms and you need to make them pretty. If you love mascara and eyeshadow, then think of curtains and blinds as the same decor! You need to jazz up and warm up your windows and the best way to do it is twitch the right window dressings. 
  2. Add colour. Artwork, small batch ceramics, ornaments, cushions, pictures – there are hundreds of ways that you can put colour into your house. You need to look at all of the bare spaces, and you need to look at how you can put personality to those spaces.
  3. Make it smell good. You can’t constantly make your house smell like cookies, but you can add scented candles, the right air fresheners and even incense! Baking is the preference for most people, of course, but it’s not always possible with life being as busy as it is. 
  4. Add pillows and throws. You want the house to embody comfort. A good way to make your home inviting is to add throws and cushions to sofas and beds. This will add texture and comfort to the house and there is nothing like the feeling of sinking into the pillows! You want to feel secure, and this is one way to do it.
  5. Add a little class. From the lanterns and lamps to the candles and silks, you can add a lot of class to your house when you consider the trinkets. Your home doesn’t necessarily need tiny bowls no one will use, but small batch ceramics and other tiny options can help.

Add plants. Improving the air quality of the house is going to help with the personality thing. Adding groups of flowers and plants to the house is going to make your home stand out and you don’t have to worry about how beautiful it will be anymore as you have life growing in your home! Your home is your castle, make the turrets stand out and see how you go!