How’s your start to the year been?  We can officially say we are back into routine and everyone is busy with their part time jobs, activities and homework.  Here’s a bit about what’s been happening around here lately.

I picked up this grid from Kmart and added some faux greenery for my desk at home.

I ran past this beauty in my area the other day and stopped to take a snap.

Absolutely loving natives at the moment and this bunch is just perfect.

I moved them into the kitchen too so we could all enjoy them.

As my master bedroom renovation progress’s I will eventually loose this wallpaper above my bed.  This room with become my walk in robe.  I am on the look out for interesting wallpaper and paint colours.  Decisions, decisions.

We had a bed shuffle last week as my older son Lachy got a new Queen size bed.  Liv got a new double bed and I updated her linen.  This one is from Kmart and she loved it.

How’s your week going?