Most of you probably already know that teens like to sleep a lot.  My older boy Lachy likes to sleep in and finds it a real struggle to get up on a school morning.  I guess it’s all part of being a teenager.

I think it’s really important for him to get a good nights sleep especially now he is in VCE (year 11).

When Bedsonline recently got in contact with me to test drive their new iGravity mattress I was all ears.  I wanted Lachy to have a comfortable nights sleep to get the best out of each school day.  Perfect timing too, as his bedroom needed an update.

So what is the iGravity bed?

iGravity is an ultra-prestige mattress with all the premium components and features of the highest end big brand mattresses, however this one comes with a sensational price tag that is truly a dream come true.  Priced at only $999 for the Queen size mattress, and compared to most other higher priced brands I was pleasantly surprised.

The pillow top contains layers of memory foam, latex, convoluted foam as well as premium support foam. Memory foam moulds to the body in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing body weight and reducing stress on pressure points. Latex is also known for its pressure-relieving properties as well as being naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

Teen boys really don’t need much.  Somewhere to do their homework, sleep and get changed and pretty much that’s it oh and don’t forget the playstation, phone charger, TV and computers (ahhh!).  Lachy was keen to get his new bed in place and helped out with the vaccuming ( I know!).

We had lots of helpers on the day.

The mattress is quite thick and the standard Queen size fitted sheet just fitted on it.  I also order the base in a dark grey.  This saved having to get another valance and it matched Lachy’s bedroom.

I kept the linen basic white and added some colour with a few cushions.  Lachy loved the new look.

The iGravity has a universal comfort feel. They have done extensive research which has revealed that the overwhelming majority of people prefer a medium-firm feel for their mattress.  Lachy agreed and said it was so comfortable and he had a great nights sleep (that was all he would say, which is a lot believe me).  iGravity carries an incredible 15 year warranty which is also great to know and peace of mind when ordering online.

There is an added peace of mind and convenience as they offer a 101 night comfort trial. If you don’t absolutely fall in love with your iGravity, they’ll swap it.

Don’t think Lachy is doing that though, he loved it and he loves his new bedroom update.

Use the code SPLASH100 for an exclusive $100 OFF.

You can purchase the iGravity from Bedsonline here.

I was gifted the iGravity mattress from Bedsonline.  All opinions are my own.

Cushions from Country Road.

Linen from Sheridan.