There are rules everywhere and for just about everything in life.  Sometimes it’s fun to bend the rules a bit and be a little rebellious.  When it comes to interior styling there are so many dos and don’ts, but I don’t really follow many of them.

It’s OK to not follow things exactly as they should be when styling your own home.  This forms part of your own style.

So, today I am going to share with you how I bend the rules in styling and also share how YOU can WIN $10,000 by sharing how you #BendTheRulesAustralia


1. Pattern Clash

I love to mix patterns together.  Spot, dots, stripes and geometric shapes.  None of my cushions have the same pattern or texture and when thrown all together they work so well.  #BendTheRulesAustralia – don’t worry about pattern matching.


cushion 2_opt

2.  Cushion Overload

Some might say that you should be selective about how many cushions you have on your couch, but I say #BendTheRulesAustralia and throw on as many as you like, there are no rules, it’s completely up to you.


3. Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen

Some say that blue and green should never be seen but I say throw out the rules as these colours look so great together.  It’s certainly a matter of opinion, but mix and match colours to find what you love and #BendTheRulesAustralia



4. Vignettes work best in odd numbers

Well, in most cases this theory is true, but sometimes I like to add just one more item to my display making it an even numbered vignette.  So #BendTheRulesAustralia and add an even amount of objects to your vignettes to be a bit rebellious.



5. Pillowcases Don’t Have To Match

On my bed I like to mix up patterns, textures and colour and also mix up my pillowcases. Shown here is a mix of odd pillowcases, lots of cushions, vignettes with even numbers, pattern clashing and colour mixing.  So next time you change your linen #BendTheRulesAustralia

So now you’ve seen how I bend the rules, it’s your turn to share.

Do you want to win $10,000 from HP simply by sharing how you bend the rules.

Entry is easy and anyone can enter by submitting text, images and/or videos via social media with the hashtag #BendTheRulesAustralia showing how you bend the rules.

There are spot prizes each week and a $10,000 grand prize up for grabs.

You can check out the entries on You Tube here.

Be sure to read all the T & C’s here.

Good luck everyone and remember, rules are meant to be broken so go and have some fun.

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