Archer’s birthday is fast approaching and I am starting to think about what type of birthday cake I will make him.  When my older son turned 13 I decorated his cake with mini M & M’s and he loved it.

I am thinking of keeping it very simple for Archer’s 5th birthday cake also.



I will buy some cupcakes from the Cupcake Queens, they are by far the yummiest cup cakes going around.



Here are some pictures of a Donna Hay cake that I attempted awhile ago.  It was from the front cover.


I was pretty impressed with how it turned out inside considering my cake skills are not that good.

Here are some other cakes that I adore from Rasberri Cupcakes blog.  I wish I was this talented.


I like this idea, a chocolate cake covered in Malteeser balls.  I think I could do this one.


I love this Tim Tam cake, it looks so much like a real Tim Tam.


Ombre cake with a 100’s and 1000’s number is a cute idea.


Probably my favourite birthday cake, a piece of fairy bread.  How adorable!

Do you buy or bake birthday cakes?