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My little boy turns 5 next week.  When someone has a birthday in my household I normally end up doing 3 birthday cakes.  One for the actual birthday, one for the family party and one for the friends party.

This year, I had a good think about Archer’s birthday cake.  I decided I was going to keep it really simple, you can see my post about it here.

So, when I baked some of Archer’s favourite chocolate chip biscuits I thought why not make this into his birthday cake, well one of them anyway.


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And after you have blown out the candles, you could wrap each biscuits and place a cute tag on top and give each guest one to eat or take home.



The biscuits are quite easy to make.  Here is the recipe for you all.  They are pretty much fail proof.  For this recipe I added M & M’s to add a bit of colour to the mixture.  Click here for the recipe.



Happy baking!