The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. Not only should it be a sanctuary where you can feel both clean and comfortable within your own home, shut away from the world for a few moments. It can also contribute hugely to the overall value and saleability of a home, which should be a concern for any homeowner. Your own style rules the roost, of course. But it doesn’t hurt to make sure that your bathroom has the kind of balance that everyone can appreciate, from all members of the family to any potential buyers.

Comfort and style

We all want a home that looks good. But when you’re in the bathroom, it needs to appeal to all senses. It needs to feel as gorgeous as it looks. If you want a stylistic bathroom, whether it’s a pink palace or a modern, minimalist masterpiece, ensure that you’ve got some contrast in there. Along with the right selection of tiles and the right sleek surfaces, add a touch of comfort where it might otherwise look bare. A good rug outside the bath and shower, matching towels on a classy handrail. These little touches add comfort to the bathroom without having to get in the way of any stylistic choices you’ve made with it.

Privacy and light

Bathrooms have to be private, obviously. You don’t want anyone seeing you in all your glory through the window. But in trying to maintain that privacy, it’s easy to let shadows dominate the bathroom. Think about window tinting that can allow that privacy without the light-blocking quality of other options. For instance, heavy shower curtains and wall treatments like blinds take away from the natural light that would normally allow light throughout the room. A darker bathroom is one that not only feels less inviting but feels dirtier, too. The more dark corners, the less the cleanliness of the bathroom has time to shine.

Storage and space

If you need more space to contain everything you need in the bathroom, logic might sound like it would dictate that you can have less room to yourself. However, all savvy homeowners know that when used right, better storage creates more space. In order to find that, it’s about being creative with your space. Especially in a small bathroom, you need to find the nooks and crannies you can get more use out of. For instance, adding a shelf above a sink or if you’re using a free-standing sink, fitting shelves beneath. If you have depth but not breadth in terms of space, then consider using a narrow but deep cabinet to tuck everything in a deceptively small space.

The tips above are hopefully going to make it a lot easier to create a bathroom that isn’t dominated by dark corners, isn’t too formal but isn’t lacking function, and doesn’t crowd you while still providing everything you need. Don’t be afraid to take it in a different direction, but if you feel like your bathroom is missing something, it might be the balance mentioned above.