We all want to get a good nights sleep and we all want a beautiful bedroom to go to sleep in each night. When there isn’t time to paint, re carpet or even change the window furnishings, the best thing to change for an instant bedroom update is your bedspread.

Adding a bedspread can not only inject a strong colour element into the focal point of the room (the bed) but it’s also a great instant update for the coming season.

Simply by changing your bedspread or coverlet you can update your bedroom on a budget. This would have to be the most cost effective way and easiest way to add style to your bedroom, almost like a mini makeover.

Choose a bedspread or coverlet that will work in with your existing decor. Think about the other decor pieces you have in the room and also the fixtures like window coverings, wall paint, lighting. If you have a tight budget, you will need to work in with current colour palette. If your makeover budget allows you to purchase a few decor pieces or add few cushions, consider changing the colour and pattern of your bedspread to really give the bedroom a stylish new look.

By keeping other pieces like the linen on the bed neutral, the artwork and decor accessories neutral, you could change your bedspread each season to give your room a whole new look. Bedspreads are easy to store in your linen cupboard and can be used on other beds in the house if required. They are a great investment and an affordable way to add style to any bedroom in the house.

Manchester Collection offer bedspreads/coverlets in a range of sizes. They can be modern and sophisticated and these will work in a lot more contemporary settings. A bedspread adds simple elegance to the look of your bedroom. Lightweight and they require little or no ironing due to their design. You can also match European pillow cases to the bedspread for a seamless look. Tie in some cushions in the same pattern as well as the standard pillowcases and you will have a sophisticated elegant style.

A premium bedspread easily complements a range of interior palettes for an outstanding bedroom upgrade.