Anne-Claire the owner and designer of Anaca Studio who create thoughtfully-designed, handcrafted furniture and products with a sustainable approach and are based in Melbourne have created a new retail concept.

Two Australian businesses, Anaca Studio and One Fine Print, have collaborated to create a refreshing retail concept:‘CONSIDERED AESTHETICS – AN AUTUMN SHOWCASE’ which will bring to life a casual showroom with a homely vibe in the heart of Fitzroy throughout April to June.

‘Considered Aesthetics’ is a temporary retail showcase of finely crafted furniture, earthy artisanal objects, and intriguing photographic artworks, designed and made by a collective of local and global creatives and artisans.

The showcase merges an Australian aesthetic with a global outlook, resulting in a visionary collection that reflects a contemporary desire to weave deeper meaning through our everyday lives.

You can visit ‘Considered Aesthetics’ here 69 Smith Street, Fitzroy throughout April to June.