Don’t you just love it when a room or area of your home feels all warm and cozy? It’s perfect through the winter when you want to be wrapped up underneath a blanket, perhaps drinking hot cocoa as you watch the weather through the window pane. Of course, it can also be great through the summer when the cold winds start to blow outside, often unexpectedly. So, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to make your home comfy and cozy, particularly focusing on the living room or family room.


Stop Air Escaping Through The Window

If you want a room in your home that cozy, then you should definitely start by looking at your windows. It’s possible that you don’t have triple or even double glazing. If that’s the case air will be escaping quite a lot through the cracks. If you want to test this, simply hold your hand up to the window when it’s cold. If you feel the cold air on your palm, you know the windows in that room aren’t providing a very good level of insulation at all. Now, it’s possible to upgrade your windows to double or triple glazing. This can be expensive so consider the cost carefully because you’ll need to pay at least a couple thousand.

You might say, hey I can feel that cold air and I paid for double/triple glazing! Ah well, in that case, the seal will have failed. You might need to get a repairman in to fix that. If this has happened, you’ll likely notice some moisture trapped between the panes of glass.

If you don’t want to shell out for window repairs, then make sure that you think about upgrading your curtains. Adding thicker curtains to a room can be the best choice if you want to make sure that it stays cozy. This will ensure that heat is trapped inside the home even if you do have an issue with your windows. Thick curtains are a little more expensive than typical drapes, but they are a lot cheaper than window repairs or replacements.


Fire It Up

You should definitely think about adding a fire to your home, particularly in the living area. A wood heater could be the ultimate solution and will give you the rustic roaring and crackling of flames on wood. You can find more here about these devices, but they are definitely a fantastic choice if you want a cozy atmosphere. They create that traditional, typical environment associated with snow covered mountains and ice on the lakes. Okay, it might not reach these temperatures where you live, but you can still create the feeling of a haven away from a winter wonderland with this type of fire.

Or, if you don’t want a log heater how about a realistic yet modern gas fire. These can have a range of different designs and aesthetics that will look fantastic and could be a true centerpiece for a room in your home. Do make sure that you check out various options before you actually choose fire for your property. There are so many great possibilities, and one is sure to match your existing decor.


Paradise By The Candlelight

Lighting is definitely a major consideration when you are trying to create an interior home environment of ambiance. If you’re eager to get that ultimate cozy atmosphere, make sure that you think about adding some candles to the room. We know what you’re thinking. Ah, fire hazard! This is a concern, particularly if you have young children or you are forgetful and might accidentally leave the candle to burn. While there are ways to make sure that candles won’t cause a fire such as containing them in a vintage lantern and placing it on your coffee table, there are also ways to avoid the danger completely. To do this, you need to invest in electronic candles. While these don’t actually have a flame, they look like the do because of a clever little trick with paper that moves thanks to a burst of air. It’s clever, and from across the room, you would never be able to tell that these are real candles.

The only thing that you’ll be missing out on with electronic candles is the smell of the smoke. But really, you can only sense that when you blow the candle out at which point you’re probably leaving the room.


Throw It Over Your Furniture

Remember we mentioned that getting cozy is all about snuggling under those blankets. Well, we bet you didn’t realize that those blankets can actually be part of your interior design. Ah, but they can be and to do this, you just need to invest in some throws. Throws are a great way to make your furniture a little more colorful and fun which might be important if you are basing your style on interior design. The extra added benefit is that when you want to be cozy, you can wrap a throw around you or pick it up and snuggle under it on the sofa.


Embrace The Clutter!

You can say a lot about a room with a minimalistic design. Elegant? Sure. Stylish? You bet. Grand? We’ll give you that, but we challenge you to find a minimalistic design that looks cozy. You can’t do it. The space is too open, it’s too…bare. You need something more. If you want your home to be cosy forget about going minimalistic. Instead, ignore the screams of interior designers and embrace the clutter. Get those accessories and add the furniture, with plenty of rugs on the floor.

If you want the style term for this type of design, it’s called eclectic and completed the right way it can still look absolutely stunning.

So, try using some of these tips and see how cozy you can make your property. Remember, a cozy home doesn’t mean that it has to be unstylish. You can have a cozy, comfortable property that still looks absolutely incredible.