Create (Kre-at) to produce through artistic or imaginative effort.  To evolve from ones imagination to make.

Well that’s exactly what I did.  When I received my ‘create’ box from Dunne With Style I was super excited.  I had purchased the create box which was especially inspired by Laura Blythman.  A favourite Australia artist of mine.  A box full of specially selected pieces to help me create my own Laura Blythman inspired artwork.

craft 1_opt

I adore the work of Laura Blythman and really admire her artwork.  When I opened my box I was delighted to see that I was given the tools to create my own piece of Laura Blythman art.

Glitter tape, super sharp scissors, lots of gorgeous glittery paper, templates, paints and paint brushes.

Now what to create?

I decided to create a peacock.  Here is my finished work.

craft 3_opt

I had so much fun creating my own piece.  I am going to get it framed for home.

You can find out more information on the ‘Create’ idea and concept from the gorgeous Dunne With Style website here.

Here are some pieces by Laura Blythman that I am currently lusting over, you can purchase and view these here.