Flowers and foliage bring life and interest to a room.  It doesn’t have to be a huge bunch, just a stem from the garden is all that’s needed to transform a room from dull to amazing.floweredit22_opt



I love styling with flowers, here is my framed finished piece of artwork that I did, you can read about how I created it here.



Unexpected flowers are the nicest. I received these from a client I am working with.  The perfume is amazing.

floweredit 3_opt

Flowers make the cutest vignettes.


I love having lots of bright flowers in my home.


Flowers make styling a breeze too.



floweredit 1_opt

When was the last time you bought yourself some flowers?


I visit my favourite florists each week, or walk the dog and forage from the neighbours gardens.  After all, Spring is on it’s way!

It’s so nice to have fresh flowers in your home.