How is everyone going with the cold?  In Melbourne it has been exceptionally cold and I am really looking forward to Spring.  Anyway enough about that.  This post is to test the waters and see what you think about an exciting project I have in the pipeline.  You see I’ve been asked if I’d like to put together a styling workshop so you can come along and get some styling tips for your home.



I was thinking about putting together a ‘styling 101’ workshop which would touch base on styling tips in an easy way so you can do them at home.  Anyway, if you live in Melbourne, let me know if you’d be interested in coming along.  It would be heaps of fun and a little night out for everyone.  I’ll keep you all posted.


In the styling world, the idea is that when you see a picture in the magazines, blog, websites, its meant to look like it has been effortlessly put together.  The idea of the magazine look for our homes and to have a space that looks like its been professionally styled, is one most of us would like to achieve, but just don’t know how.


It’s actually not too hard and there are a few guidelines to stick too. You’ll be on your way to styling like a pro once you learn the basics and who knows, your home may end of in the magazines too.


My home has appeared in Home Beautiful, Inside Out, Sunday Style Loves and Homes Plus.  I’ve seen what it takes to get those shots that appear in print and today I share my tips for you to create that look for your home.



Lets start with the basics, your space that you want to style has to have a bit of personality.  Let it tell a story using art works, lamps, flowers and candles.  You may want to include souvenirs from a family holiday or something you cherish.  Give your space a personal vibe so that it comes alive and tells a story.


Coffee Table Vignettes

Think of your coffee table as a surface to display your favourite items.  Pictured above is my coffee table vignette which is simply a Kmart gold tray, candles and flowers.  You could also add books to your tray or magazines.  Change and restyle your coffee table and add some foliage to add life.



Bedside Table

Don’t forget about the bedside table.  When you flick through home magazines the bedside table is always styled beautifully  You could think about adding a cute clock, books and lamp.  This space should not be forgotten, just like styling your bed, you should also style your bedside table.




Mix up colours that you like and don’t be afraid to add a colour that is a bit out of your comfort zone.  When styling this house above recently I threw in a bit of pink.  The client wasn’t afraid to add this colour and loved the end result.  The key is to not to go overboard with colour, reign it in to 2 or 3 colours and also think about adding black and a  contrasting colour as this will look effective too.



Books and magazines aren’t just for reading.  Use them when styling your space.  Think about styling your books with the binds colour coordinated or stack some magazines for height.  You could also lean these on a shelf.




Foraged from you neighbours garden or bought, flowers, gum leaves and branches all make a space come to life.  Think about using different height vases, empty or full as well as different shapes to really create an interesting space.  Think about styling your sideboard, mantel as well as a empty void on your kitchen bench.


Rules of 3

As a rule, working with odd numbers works visually best.  Think about using odd numbers when it comes to how many objects you use in your display.  3 or 5 elements work best for a smaller space.  Vary scale and height, try not to make it messy and over cluttered.



Add art to your desk, sideboard or mantel.  You can stand artwork up, lean it on the wall and hang it as normal.  Style a shelf using artwork and add pieces either side to add interest.

So these are just a few basic tips that you can try in your home. What do you think? Are they easy enough to try at home?