No home is complete without a splash of colour. Even if you love the idea of a black and white theme, the odd accent colour to highlight the style is essential. A new home is a blank canvas. No matter what the previous owners did in there, you’re under no obligation to stick with it. Of course, if you’ve been in your home a while, chances are you’re looking for a contemporary look that sits within your style.



So how can you bring new colours into your home? Even if you use a professional painting service like you can add a wealth of colour with your soft furnishings, furniture and wall art. The options are endless, but it can certainly start with the colours you chose for the wall. Your painting team will be able to offer a wide choice of palettes. Perhaps they will be hanging wallpaper for you. Even if you do it yourself, consider how to build on the inherent tones and shades it is offering.


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A colour chart is a really handy tool for this. It will show you where on the colour wheel you should be heading for complementary shades of your key or base colour. A living room will have some large, bulky furniture items like sofas and sideboards. Your wall colour may determine the fabric shades of the couch and even your choice of wood for the standing furniture. Don’t forget the flooring. Hardwoods, like those at Ast Floors, come in many shades. Some can be stained or varnished to enhance or alter the colour too.


Your windows will be letting in lots of natural light. During the course of the day, the quality, colour and brilliance of that light will change. This will bring out all the different effects of the wall colour you chose. This may be the best way to determine your accent colour. Don’t forget to check it under your artificial lighting too. Now you know the colour palette you want to use, it’s time to dress the room.


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Start with the drapes or blinds. These can be in the same shade as your accent colour. Cushions and rugs can match, although you may want to break them up with similar patterns. Wall art in a contemporary style can also feature patterns in your favourite shade. The accent colour will be the most vibrant tone in the room. Look for softer variations of it in other areas of the room. This could include lighting fittings and ornaments.

Even the lighting can be coloured. There are plenty of app-enabled light bulbs to facilitate this. Of course, a simple strip of LEDs can be used to create a lit wall effect in any colour you like. You may even be able to change the intensity or colour of the light to suit your mood. The choice is yours. Soft furnishings can also be swapped out when your mood changes. This is why so many people avoid the accent wall. A quick change is always fun!