I know a lot of my readers are small business’s themselves and have an on line shop.  It’s so important that your on line store front display is right so that the buyer stays and shops.   These tips for your on line store front display may be of some interest to you.



Today I’m sharing insights from industry professionals who range from businesses such as Big Cartel,  and Shopify.   I read about these tips over at Design Sponge and thought it might be of interest to a few of you.   One questions that I am sure most of you are asking is;

‘What’s the one thing you should know and keep in mind when creating a storefront display/window, whether online or in a physical space?



“Minimalism is all the rage right now. Having a minimal but enticing storefront display either for a retail space, or online store, is extremely important. Your goal is to make the visitor want to dig deeper into your product and brand. Think of how Apple uses beautiful copy mixed with powerful product shots — that’s what you want.”

— Tucker Schreiber | Content Marketer at Shopify


“Photos! Beautiful photography should be the first thing any online shop owner thinks about. Your photography should be the focal point of every page of your shop, supported by a subtle store design. For brick-and-mortar stores, this translates to unique styling and creating strong visual displays as you stock your shelves.”

— Dan Christofferson, Community Director, Big Cartel




Some Images from The Stylist Splash Shop

“The most important thing when designing your online or brick-and-mortar storefront is knowing the vibe you want to communicate and having confidence in that vision — this will dictate what you want your customers to feel at first glance, from branding to product display. With many shops existing online, as well (if not exclusively), the same attention to detail should be paid to product photography, as you would an in-store display. Overall, it is about highlighting the little things that tell the customer who you are and what makes your product special.”

— Trisha Lepper | Partnerships & Communications, Etsy Canada


This image is on my front page of The Stylist Splash shop

The best thing to do next is a visit of your own site and evaluate the following points:

  • Can you see and “feel” what your business is all about?
  • Are you confident you have the right vision when someone lands on your page, will they know what your brand is all about?
  • Do you have easy navigation, add to cart, purchase buttons are easily accessible?
  • Are your product images showing the best of your products?
  • Do you have beautiful photography?
  • Is your front page overcrowded or to busy?

How did you go with these questions, did you pick up any tips for your own online store front display.

I think that on line shopping is the way of the future and if you sit up and take note of a few small tips and some industry expert advice you are on the way to having a successful on line store.

Good luck x