Do you love your home but find yourself wishing it looked a little more grand or luxurious? Most of us would love to achieve an expensive looking house but don’t have a luxury sized budget to work with. However, you don’t have to be rich or own a mansion to have a home that feels and looks high end. Whether your home is big or small, here are a few ways you can really give it the wow factor and make it look more luxurious.



Change The Flooring

Ideally, you’ll opt for a hardwearing, easy to clean floor covering downstairs. High traffic areas that see pets running around, guests coming in and out and children making a mess need the right kind of flooring. Something like solid wood, tile or crack-resistant engineered stone will stand the test of time and won’t harbor and stains or smells. Not only is this practical but can make any home look expensive too. Upstairs you can go for a thick luxurious carpet, and implement a ‘no shoes upstairs’ policy to keep it at it’s best. Choose the same flooring throughout the downstairs, and then the same carpet type and color in all of the upstairs rooms. This will tie everything together nicely and make your home look much more cohesive. A neutral shade will go with any decor changes over the years.


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Choose The Right Lighting

The right lighting can bring your home to life. A statement light fitting will add drama to the room. Then you can, and different lamps and light sources will help you to quickly change the mood depending on what you’re doing. Don’t let your lighting be an afterthought, choose pieces that reflect the theme and style of your home. It could be anything from opulent chandeliers to super modern light fixtures or rustic looking fittings. Either way, it will help to be character and interest. Always choose a light fitting that’s the right size for your rooms. For example, a small bedroom might look silly with an enormous light fitting. And large living space could cause a smaller fixture to look ‘lost.’ Take some measurements to work out roughly the kind of size you’ll need and bear this in mind when you’re shopping.


Co-Ordinate The Hardware

The small details can have a significant impact on the overall finish of your home. For example, just switching out all of the plastic light switches and plug sockets to matching metal ones can help tie everything together and make it look more expensive. The same applies for handles on all of the interior doors. All handles and doors should perfectly match to create a smooth ‘flow’ through the home. Mismatched details will cheapen the look.


Choose The Right Accessories

Accessories don’t have to be expensive to look luxurious. If you choose well, you can bring a touch of class to your home without spending much. Plush pillows, soft throws, and cool ornaments can all make your home look appealing. Keep an eye out in outlet stores who will sell designer homewares for a fraction of the price. The way you display and dress your home makes all the difference too. If you’ve always lusted over perfectly styled desks, coffee tables, and bedside tables use Pinterest for inspiration.


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Do you have any tips for making a home look more high-end and luxurious?