If there’s one thing I love doing in the styling world and that is dressing my bed.

Often I get asked over on Instagram ‘how can I dress my bed like that?’ So today I thought I’d share some pretty simple tips on ways to dress your bed.

It’s a public holiday here in Melbourne and nothing beats staying in bed that little bit longer with a coffee and a favorite book. I know that’s what I’ll be doing.


Use white linen

I adore a blank canvas when it comes to my bed and starting by using crisp clean white linen is the way to go.  That way you can build your colour palette with accessories and as the fashions change you aren’t updating your quilt which can be quite expensive.


Use textured throws

Bring texture to the bedroom but adding throws with different patterns and fabric.  Nothing screams comfort and style when it comes to texture on your bed.  Think about knits, faux fur and velvets.


Stick to a theme

Although not entirely necessary, sticking to a particular colour palette will be far more pleasing to the eye and will make a more welcoming bed look even more luxurious.



Use bright pillowcases

Add an instant punch of colour by updating your pillowcases.  That way your aren’t spending a fortune on the entire bedding.  There are so many pillowcases on the market to choose from.


Add flowers

Add some flowers to your bedside table.  The scent from them will keep your bedroom smelling fresh and they are a lovely accent to any bedside table.


Add prints

Add a favourite print to your room or bedside table.  Simple quotes can be uplifting and a lovely reminder to start the day with a positive mind.



Add Texture

As I mentioned before, texture brings a sense of luxury and interest to the room.  After all who doesn’t want their bed to look inviting and comfortable.



Use Wall paper

I recently added this marble look wall paper to my bedroom. I only added it to the feature wall and I really love the effect.  Experiment with different wallpapers and see what is around. From dots to stripes, wall panelling and marble, it’s all up to your imagination.


I hope you all have a great weekend and my tips help you create a bed that is magazine worthy.

Let me know if you have any other tips.