Photo: Pixabay

Improving your garden is important because more people see the outside than they do the inside. If you’re looking to sell your house, you need your home indoors to look good and your roadside value to be high. Nobody wants to look at a grim looking outdoor space. When they’re walking or driving past, they will see what you have done with your garden or if it looks bad! So what are some quick fire ways to improve the look of your failing garden? It doesn’t have to be pricey but it can be time consuming! Your garden should be your sanctuary, after all and you want others to see the potential of the garden too. 

  1. Give your plants a lift – ensure that they are getting the right nutrients and are being fed and watered accordingly. 
  2. Top dress your pots – give them a bit of colour and add a nice pot so that they look attractive. 
  3. Clean your pots – keep your pots looking good and not covered in cobwebs and dirt. 
  4. Smooth the cracks in your patio – don’t have an outdoor area that is uneven and unattractive, just add a little concrete and filler in and see the difference. 
  5. Make a new flower bed – dedicate an area just to your flowers so that people will be drawn to it and it gives you a better way to work when all your flowers are in one place. 
  6. Give your lawn a crisp edge – trim all edges after mowing as this will make your lawn stand out and look nice as well as give it a chic feel. 
  7. Fill gaps in pots with instant colour – don’t leave blank open spaces, unless they’re intentional because it can look sparse and unloved. 
  8. Trim trees – overhanging trees and overgrown trees can look messy so be sure to stay on top of that. 

Your garden should be a place you can feel good in and it’s time to make it one. By using only the best materials in your garden, you will see the improvement. Adding some Bibra Lake Soils and some well made wooden planters for your herbs/flowers, it will automatically enhance the look of the garden. It will also make the garden appear functional for buyers who may be eco friendly or like organic foods.

Add the element of water

Every garden must have water – adding this element brings it all together. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but any type of water feature will be a huge enhancement. It could be a tiny Koi fish pond, Japanese water stones or a freestanding water feature. Anything could really give your garden the makeover that it needs. You can play around with textures and styles, such as a Cretan pot with a pump; to add a Grecian touch. 

Think about your walls

Why not add a feature wall? Tiling walls is such a fun thing to do and can look lovely. Colourful tiles can add a nice element of colour and style. Of course a lick of paint can work wonders too but tiles can give a different feel, mosaics particularly look nice but they can be finicky to do and take time but if you want a project then a mosaic wall would certainly be a good place to start. You can use ceramic tiles on walls also, but be sure that you have the right size and style before you start and that they are suitable for the outdoors. As some are not wethar protected and you wouldn’t want them to fall off or start to look shabby. 

Give yourself a big statement 

Whether this is a big water fountain or some type of furniture, you will want to have a big statement piece. This will enhance your garden and give people something to look at. Add some garden art or decorative items for style. Utilise things in storage. This may be some type of artwork. There are so many types of artwork for the garden, some of which include modern art and ornaments. Big ornaments such as animals can look good but they are not to everyone’s taste. Bringing in a larger item to a bigger space will help but this wouldn’t work too well if your space is smaller. Instead stick to something more subtle. 

So if you think it’s time to sell up your home and you want to make it ready for the seller, then that is certainly going to help improve your chances of a sale.