It’s the time of year when we hit refresh on our lives. From clearing out the clutter and redecorating our homes to overhauling our diet and exercise regimes or looking for a new job, something about the start of another year gives us an urge to improve. A lot of people have the aim to improve their look, but knowing where exactly to start can be tricky. Attempting a big change can be overwhelming and often it gets tempting to abandon it. A much smarter idea is to focus on on the little details that can make a big change to your look. Read on for five ways to hit refresh that will make you look and feel a lot better…

Switch Up Your Base

If you’re still wearing a heavy, full coverage foundation, it’s time to think again. Most people wear a thick, dense formula in a bid to disguise skin issues such as fine lines, pigmentation or uneven colouring. But the irony is that these full on formulas often make skin look worse, giving a mask like, cakey appearance to skin and drawing attention to the very things you’re trying to hide. Switch it up with a lighter BB cream packed with skin loving goodies and SPF to give your skin a break and make it glow – a product like IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream contains anti-aging and illuminating ingredients. And if you’ve never tried colour correcting concealers, now is the time to get on board. A thin layer of green cancels out redness and veins, while orange chases away dark undereye circles. They may look a little scary but with some practice they can get rid of your imperfections without covering up the beauty of your natural skin texture.


Freshen Up Your Smile

A bright smile does wonders for making you look younger and more attractive. The first step can be simply to use whitening strips or a gel kit with an LED light to get perfect pearly whites at home, or if you need to lighten several shades seek help from a professional dentist like DFY Dental who can provide laser whitening. If your teeth are crooked, you can also look into Invisalign technology – virtually invisible clear tooth repositioners that can give you a flawless smile.


Amplify Your Arches

Another area of the face which can have a transformative effect are your eyebrows. The right shape and tint can act like a mini face lift, opening up and framing the eyes and making you look more awake.


Change Your Hair Colour

A brand new colour can show a brand new you, so get experimental with your shade. A hair color finder will let you see what dye would look amazing on you – from a subtle caramel ombre to the likes of pastel lilac and bubblegum pink, a bold new hair shade can completely transform your look.


Get The Glow

A beautiful golden bronze hue on your skin can really make you feel revitalised, but you don’t have to rely on rays. Fake tanners have come a long way from their orange streaky beginnings and it’s now very possible to get a gorgeous, natural looking effect from gradual tanning lotions. Apply through the colder months for a faux glow, and if you’re going out amp it up with a golden shimmer oil like Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse to get supermodel limbs.