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You’ll no doubt want your family to enjoy a safe and secure life. Especially at home in your very own home. However, there are some common mistakes that many families make when it comes to home security. Interested to make your property as secure as possible? Follow these simple steps.

Install CCTV Cameras

The best way to prevent thieves from entering your property is to deter them. And one of the best deterrents is CCTV. This equipment was once just used for commercial buildings, but these days more and more families are using it. As soon as any potential intruders spot a camera on your building, they won’t be too keen to try and enter. But if they do, you will catch them on camera. The tapes should be given to the police for evidence. If you can’t afford to install CCTV, think about buying an old camera or a fake one. Many criminals can’t tell the difference and will still be deterred.

Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms work in the same way as CCTV systems. As soon as a burglar notices them, they will be deterred from entering the property. You can also buy fake alarms if you can’t afford a working system. If possible, get your alarm connected to your nearest police station. That way, the police can head for your home at the first sign that something is wrong.


Don’t Forget About Garages

Some families have excellent security features on their main property. But they forget about their garages and other outbuildings. This is a terrible mistake as garages contain various expensive equipment and belongings. One of the best ways to make sure these buildings are completely secure is to install security doors, such as Ballarat Security Doors. These doors are much harder to kick in than regular ones.


Keep Expensive Belongings Out Of Sight

If burglars can see things of value in your windows, they will be very tempted to try and get in to get them. So one of the best ways to make sure intruders don’t enter your home is to move expensive appliances and technology away from windows. For example, if you have a study, ensure the laptop isn’t visible through the window.  If possible, try and arrange your living room so that the TV isn’t visible either.


Ditch The Hidden Key

Many families keep a spare key hidden outside in their garden somewhere. This is very useful if one of the kids ever gets locked out. Unfortunately, many burglars are cottoning on to this plan and now have a quick hunt around the property to try and find the spare key. Once they have it, they can simply let themselves inside. So instead of leaving your key under the doormat, give it to your neighbor. If your kids ever get home from school and find themselves locked out, they can quickly pop next door to get the spare key!


Once you follow these steps, you can feel a lot less stressed about potential burglaries!