If you’re planning on moving to a new property, now is your chance to create your dream home. With the potential to choose a property that encompasses all of your favourite features and kit it out in your chosen style, you have the opportunity to start from scratch and build a home that’s perfect for you.

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Of course, choosing, building or buying a new home can be tricky. To ensure you’ve got everything covered, take a look at these top tips now:


Location is the most important thing when you’re buying a property, as it’s something that you definitely can’t modify! Whether you’re looking for land for sale at Wallara Waters, an apartment in Wallan or a family home somewhere off the beaten track, take the time to get to know your new environment. Research potential locations and ensure they’ve got the amenities and facilities you’re looking for, as well as good access to your most-used routes.

Must-Have Features

Everyone has a different vision when it comes to their dream home, so figure out which features are non-negotiable for you. While buying a property often involves some form of compromise, there may be features which you feel are critical to your dream home. If so, let your real estate agent know so that they can adjust your requirements accordingly.

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Modification Potential

If you’re looking at existing properties, get advice from a builder or contractor before you make an offer. While it’s customary to have a structural survey completed prior to a house purchase, you can plan for your future by getting expert advice on what modifications might be possible. If you want to add an extension, for example, ask a trusted builder whether it will possible.

In addition to this, be sure to find out whether the current owners have tried to obtain planning permission before. If you’ve got your heart set on modifying the property, trouble getting relevant approvals could mean it’s not your dream home after all.

Build Your Own

One way to make sure you get your dream home is to build it from the ground up! When you purchase land and get the appropriate planning permission, you can be as creative as you like while designing your dream home. Often, it’s more cost-effective to buy land and build than it is to buy an existing property, so you could create a bespoke home and save money at the same time.

Plan your budget

The cost of buying, modifying, decorating or building a property can quickly increase if you aren’t careful. By budgeting carefully, however, you can ensure that you don’t overstretch your finances. You may find that going over your budget is something you have to do due to prices being much higher than anticipated. Look at finance options at www.quantumfinance.com.au for commercial loans that could help pay for your renovations. Remember to factor in delays and potential issues so that you’re ready for any eventuality.

Enjoying Your Dream Home

Whether you’re moving into an immaculate new home, getting to work on a fixer-upper or breaking ground on your new build, creating your dream home is an exciting process. With the right support, planning and attitude, you’ll find it’s the journey of a lifetime!