Most nights I have the TV on but I’m not really watching it.  You are more likely to find me on Instagram or reading my favourite blogs, head down in my phone looking at so much pretty stuff.  This where I get so much inspiration from.  Also, on my phone I have so many websites bookmarked for future shopping, inspiration or just oohing and ahhing that today I thought I share some of my favorites,  like DIY ripped jeans and cool on line stores.


Now don’t blame me if your credit card gets a work out and you get your scissors out on your favourite jeans but if you are after a new look for your old fave pair you seriously have to check out Glamour Mama’s DIY distressed jeans post.  It’s so easy and I thought what a great idea seeing as ripped jeans are all the rage at the moment.


You can read the Glamour Mama post on DIY distressed jeans here.


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That’s Me


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There are so many on line stores for fashion, homewares and just about anything you can think of.

Here are some of my favourite fashion on line stores that I have stumbled across and wanted to share with you.

Luxe Deluxe


Grace Melbourne


Style Runner 


From Zion


Happy shopping and let me know if you buy anything.