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I really love Easter.  The weather has cooled down and you are ready for a break from routine.  It’s a lovely time of year and you get to eat chocolate.  My kids love Easter too.  The Easter Bunny usually drops eggs everywhere and we have an egg hunt on Easter Sunday.

I’ve started thinking about Easter and what I need to buy as I just realised that Good Friday is on April 18th this year.  I know it’s a little time away but I like to be organised and have started buying eggs each week.

Last year we had Easter lunch and I decorated the table with simple ideas.


These are some bunny ears that I stuck on to icy pole sticks.  The kids loved these cupcakes last year, I think I will do them again this year.

I even dyed some eggs with the kids.  These were for decoration only.  I hard boiled the eggs as I figured that would be far easy than blowing them.  After Easter I just threw them away.


Here are some other lovely ideas to get you thinking what you might like to do for Easter this year.


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Pastel dip dyed eggs look so pretty together.



I made these bunny tail gift tags.  I googled the image and then traced it onto cardboard.  A cotton ball for a bunny tail is all you need.  Cheap, simple gift tags to hang off the kids eggs.  Perhaps for school friends or teachers.


 You can see more of this here.

Here are a couple more Easter pictures that I fell in love with.


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Do you celebrate Easter at home with an egg hunt like I do?  Are you getting organised?  Don’t stress there is still over 4 weeks till Easter Sunday so you have plenty of time to get organised.