We all know that a bathroom renovation is quite costly, but what can you do if you want to update your bathroom without spending a fortune? The answer is simple, change your towels and bath mats for an instant transformation.

It could be just for yourself, or the guest bathroom, by simply styling the bathroom for a luxurious look it can give you the feeling of being in a day spa or premium hotel. By adding a touch of colour to an otherwise neutral bathroom it can really impact the mood in the room.  Use a colour darker or brighter than your normal style you can change the look dramatically and help you fall in love with your bathroom all over again, without an expensive upgrade.

Colour and texture of the towels can really have an impact. Try keeping the colours co ordinated and match the pattern, textures and colours throughout with matching bath mat and hand towels. This will keep the look cohesive and not too busy, especially in smaller bathrooms and ensuites.

Purchase the highest quality you can afford. This will add to the luxurious look. After all, no one wants to get out of a hot shower to only dry themselves with thin, dull towels. Big fluffy bath sheets will never disappoint, made from 100% cotton, 650GSM zero twist construction and are beautifully soft. Manchester Collection have a colour palette to suit any bathroom and any taste. Their zero twist bath towels are so absorbent, they simply remove and dissipate moisture from your skin.

Don’t forget about adding a bath mat. The perfect bath mat will complete your bathroom. At Manchester Collection they offer a range of bath mats that are designer, high quality and highly absorbent. There are a number of different textures, patterns and colours for transforming your bathroom. Think about changing the bath mat style or texture that is different to your towels or you can keep everything cohesive with a matching colour palette.

Transforming your bathroom with an easy update of fresh new towels will make the space look refreshing and new. It’s best to keep a few sets of quality towels so you can easily have that ‘fresh towel’ feel anytime.

Rotate your towels regularly, and keep a few sets in different colours so you can update the look and feel of your bathroom each time you add fresh towels to the space.