It’s not an uncommon problem at all. You fell in love with the home when you chose it, but as it gets closer to moving day and you actually touch down, some of that enthusiasm is gone. The home feels alien despite having everything you need from it and you just can’t get comfortable. It’s only natural that it takes us some time to acclimate to new surroundings. But, with the following tips, you can make it a much easier process.

Get organized early

The sooner you get in there and get everything set up, the better. This means taking the time to avoid the mistakes that can cost you plenty of time when you’re trying to move out. For instance, trying to move everything without the help of either a friend with a big enough vehicle or a house removalist. Or neglecting to properly label your boxes and communicate where everything should be going. These are the mistakes that are going to make moving day as stressful as it’s cracked up to be. Giving yourself time to fully unpack in the evening is going to mean that you’re not spending as much time in a house that’s cluttered up with boxes and little in the way of style.

You may also want to organize a small skip from the likes of, as you are bound to have a lot of packaging and rubbish to get rid of.

Make It More Comfortable

Moving to a new home can sometimes be a challenge because it doesn’t immediately feel like home. You can, however, quickly change this by making the environment more physically comfortable. 

The first place to start is improving the HVAC, according to Experts recommend you plug any drafts and ensure that you can control your home’s internal environment, no matter what the weather might be doing outside. 

Too many people move to new properties, believing that they’re already set up to perfectly cater to their needs. This is rarely the case. Most of the time, there are serious issues that they need to deal with, gaps around windows and sub-par heating and air conditioning. Once they fix these issues, though, their new house suddenly seems much more like home. It makes a massive difference. 

Get personal with it

This is a piece of advice you should take into account with just about any home you make but is especially vital in a new home that you’re not quite feeling yet. If you really want to make the home yours, then you should be putting a little bit more of yourself in the home. Not just your tastes, but your experiences, life and your passion. From personal photos to giving some wall space to things like diplomas you might have, let the home reflect you a little more. And give some room to your hobbies, too. For instance, if you love books, then give a bookshelf some pride of place in the lounge. The quickest way to learn to love a space is to put what you love in it.

Have some good times there

Our perceptions are shaped, in a big way, by our memories and experiences. If you don’t have a wholly positive perception of your own home, then it might be time to reshape it by creating memories that are specific to it. Start this on the first night you can by hosting a housewarming party. Find more excuses to invite people around and have more fun in the home. If there aren’t any real issues with it then those memories should start giving you the warm feelings about the place that is an essential part of making a house feel like a home.

Put a little effort into making yourself feel at home and remind yourself what you liked about the place, to begin with. Don’t focus on those lingering sentiments of negativity or they can turn into a real resentment that could see you hating the home that you could otherwise grow to love.