I recently picked up a cute little book called ‘ Want a Home You Love’ by Anna-Carin McNamara.  I was intrigued by it’s title and after a few flicks of the pages I bought it.  It was on sale at Kikki K ( a favorite shop) where I never come out of there empty handed.

I guess we are all striving for a home we love.  Whether it be that we need to update our decor, up date the home to a new one or are still renovating. Maybe you have just built your home and need to add some life to it, there is one thing in common, we all want a home we love.

To come home after a long day and open the front door and walk into the home to you love is a wonderful feeling and really not that hard to achieve.  I thought I’d share a few of the tips from the book.

In the book Anna share her top 10 tips on how to create joy, order and beauty in your home.  My favourite tip was ‘develop daily habits to retain the order, joy and beauty in your home’.  Simple things like making the bed, buying fresh flowers and a quick tidy up can create joy when you enter your home.

Here’s a list of the other tips;

1.Review your home, perform a home diagnosis

2.Remove everything unnecessary and Unloved

I always do a clean out at least every couple of months and a bit one at Christmas time.

3.Recycle as Much as You Can

4.Repair and restore what is broken

5.Rearrange and place your items so you Optimise them

I love to restyle my house, moving objects and giving them a new outlook.

6.Require New Things Consciously

I only really buy things I love as I hate living in clutter.

7.Get Professional Help to Redesign

8.Use Reliable, Experience Tradespeople

Having renovated our house several times, this is really important and even my hubby who is in the trade will say how important this tip is.

9.Develop daily habits to retain the order, joy and beauty in your home

10.Rejoice in Your Home

How about you? Do you love your home or are there just things that you really don’t think you can change.

Anna’s book might be worth reading then.  Check out Kikki K to see if it’s still in store.