If you are after a low maintenance indoor plant, that looks great in any interior then have a look at the Fiddle Leaf Fig or the Ficus lyrata which is it’s botanical name.  Keep it in a well lit spot and I move mine around the house quite a bit.


An evergreen tree from tropical Africa growing that grows to about 30m tall. It has leathery, glossy fiddle-shaped leaves with wavy margins and hairy undersides.  It looks really good in large pots. 

One great tip is to water sparingly. Lower leaves will fall off when there is excess water in the soil

Fiddle leaf figs are slow growing but some do reach ceiling height in optimum conditions. As they grow the trunk becomes progressively thinner. Removing the growing tip encourages the plant to thicken and provide more support for the giant leaves.



I folded down a shopping bag I was given to create a bag or makeshift pot around my fiddle leaf.  This didn’t cost anything and looks great.

Often fiddle leaf fig’s are used in styling shots to bring some life and greenery into the shoot.  I’ve picked a few of my favourite interiors to give you some inspiration to bring this great indoor plant into your home.


Image from here


Image from here

When searching at the nurseries ask for this plant by its botanical name (Ficus lyrata) as I found that most people were unfamiliar with the term ‘Fiddle Leaf Fig’.

I really recommend this great hardy plant if you want to introduce some life to your indoors.