Do you set a budget?  Well I kinda do but of course I can set a better budget when I have gorgeous stationery.  There are lots of beautiful journals, diaries and budget planners around so that can get you one step closer to being a bit more organised.  So here is some gorgeous stationery and budget tips for 2015 to get you started.


I adore this new range from Kikki K called ‘Why Not’.  Yes why not have gorgeous stationery to get you inspired to write a budget.  You can purchase this range here.



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Here are some budget tips that might help you start to get on track.

  1. Have realistic goals, making a goal that is so far out of reach to budget for will be the fast way to get you uninspired and not stay on track.
  2. When you go food shopping, have your shopping list with you and stick to it. Only purchase what you need to buy as when we impulse buy that is when we blow our budgets.
  3. Quite simply don’t spend more that you earn.  Credit cards are an easy way to get what you want straight away but if you are spending more than you are earning you will be going backwards.
  4. Buy yourself a nice journal or diary and write down what you earn and then write down all your expenditure.  It’s easier to see where you need to cut back or where you are overspending.


Beautiful colourful notebooks from Papier D’Amour.


Let Kate Spade keep you on track with this amazing range.  All available at Papier D’Amour.


So remembering a few simple things can keep you on track.  A little bit of savings put away each week and by December you’ll be pleasantly surprised.



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Have you set a budget for 2015 and do you like to budget in style?